The Strand Lifting Unit (SLU)

Project: Integrated Business Park Development CC1, CC2 and CC3 at Punggol Digital District
Description: Supplying and operating of the strand lifting unit (SLU) jack system

A total of 22 plane trusses were lifted by the SLU jack system, and the truss was then rested on the hydraulic jack at the truss bottom chord for connecting works of the truss.

The SLUs were transferred to the next lifting position when the truss vertically transferred the load to the hydraulic jacking system.

The maximum weight of the truss is 108 tons and it is 30m long. The highest lifting height was about 20m.

Features & Advantages
• Available in differing capacities 10t to 500t
• Speed possible up to 15m/hr with high oil delivery pump
• Direct load reading via pressure gauges
• Less mounting space required
• Mechanical locking with wedges on anchor block
• High safety factor – normally above 2

Limitations & Disadvantages
• Strands as consumables. Can be damaged during operation. Requires change after < 50 times of operation
• Wedges have to be cleaned and changed after < 20 lifts
• Speed may not be as fast as winches

" SLUs underwent some pressure tests, load tests, function tests, geometrical tests on the strand and visual inspection in Utracon’s workshop. "

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