Inception of UTRACON, 1998

Incorporated in Singapore in 1998, UTRACON was then a locally registered company that was set up to compete in a highly competitive POST-TENSIONING sector against the mainly established European specialists.

Our co-operation with DYWIDAG (Munich, Germany) through a license agreement and our in-house R&D works helped us to deliver quality post-tensioning products on site. Through sheer hard work and good work ethics, UTRACON won over many clients and by the turn of the millennium, we had emerged as the largest post-tensioning contractor in Singapore.

Consolidating our technical knowhow

In the years that followed, UTRACON was involved in the construction of bridges and MRT viaducts in Singapore, where we provided various construction methodologies to both local and foreign contractors.

That has proved to be crucial in our next phase of business expansion, as it was these specialist technical knowhow that brought UTRACON to successfully participate in civil engineering projects overseas.

Expansion of UTRACON overseas operations  

With the expansion of UTRACON into our neighbouring countries, our design and support teams were able to provide technical assistance to our clients of different cultures with different engineering requirements.

As we expanded our operations further (into Africa, Middle East and Guam), we invested in highly competent professionals and provide comprehensive training program for our technical staff.

Setting up of HQ & support centre in Singapore

Today, UTRACON is a strong 1000 staff specialist engineering firm. We employed more than 100 staff in our Singapore head office, the majority of them are deployed to support UTRACON’s worldwide construction activities.

The HQ also houses UTRACON’s Academy of Prestressing where we provide various training programmes for all levels of staff – workers and engineers included.