Post-tensioned Bridges

Due to the very huge spans and stringent corrosion protection required in bridges, post-tensioning tendons comes in a variety of forms:
• Internal tendons
  - Plastic duct or steel duct
• External tendons
  - Permanent or Replaceable
  - With duct or ductless (epoxy coated strands)
• Extra-dosed tendons

Post-tensioned Tanks

In order to contain the hoop stresses induced by the storage materials in tanks / circular structures, circumferential tendons are introduced in the walls.
For stressing purposes, 2 types of tendon arrangements can be introduced for stressing purposes:
• With stressing blister- Regular anchorages
• Without stressing blister- Floating anchorages
• For better corrosion protection, plastic ducts, galvanised strands, etc., are used.

Tank without blisters

Tank with stressing blisters

Tank with both radial & circumferential tendons

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