When Conventional Method is Not an Option

Heavy lifting and sliding are generally required when conventional methods of construction are not possible or not economical due to the following:
•  The structure to be constructed is too high (e.g. >50m) or too heavy for a cast-in-situ method using falsework.
•  The object is too heavy to be moved around the site due to obstructions.


Sliding of Steel trusses / PC components

An efficient sliding system is usually dependent upon the weight and distance of the items to be moved. It is generally made up of the following:
• Hydraulic jacks / Pulling or pushing mechanism
• Roller / Bronze plate on steel tracks
Controls have to be in place to ensure that the items moved remain stable all the time:
• Pressure reading of hydraulic system
• Flatness and straightness of sliding track
• Monitoring of distance travelled by individual roller
• Communications via talkie

Synchronised Vertical Lifting

Main components of UTRACON's lifting system:
• Programmable Logic Controller
• Strand lifting unit with power packs
• Electrical winches

During lifting operation, it is crucial to have in place various control mechanisms:
• Synchronise lifting of multiple jacks with PLC
• Control of swaying with wind meter / Emergency rigging
• Protection to equipment from voltage surge with installation of inverter / surge control
• Communications with Talkie

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