UTRACON Technical Workshop 2015

UTRACON’s 5th Technical Workshop was held at Grand Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson, Malaysia on 23rd to 25th October this year. The biyearly event, with the mission to gather all engineers under one roof, to share their experiences and knowledge, was generously organized by USSM this year. There was a total of 99 numbers of participants this year, with 18 topics by 31 speakers throughout the 3 days’ event. The opening speech was given by our Executive Director, Mr. S C Kuah. He highlighted that as the Group grew in size, it is important to ensure our quality of work is keep intact. He lauded the Technical Workshop as a good platform for our diverse workforce to share and learn from one another to improve our engineering expertise.  It was also our pleasure to have Mr. James Ng as the Key Note Speaker for the event. From his speech, he emphasized on creating a ‘wow’ factor. A simple example would be, to realign the structural floor framings, and creating a new design that looked ‘clean’ from beams thus elevating the floor height etc. Apart from that, he has also shared some of his experience on paramotor which is also an eye-opening sports for the attendees.

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