• 28th July 2016 marks the auspicious day for UTRACON Corporation. Finally it’s the day for relocation of Headquarter after years of preparation works. To make the event merrier, an opening ceremony was held with the presence of Lion Dance and God of Wealth (Cai Shen Ye) to bring good luck to the company. For colleagues who are not familiar with the Chinese tradition custom, the most important part in the Lion Dance is “Cai Qing”. During this move, the lion dancers will pluck green vegetables which represents fortune, mimicking picking of fortune for the house owners. Sometimes, a plate of
  • Studies have shown that most people spent more than 10 hours a day in the office and less time cooking in the kitchen. Families are eating out more, or buying ready cooked food that may not be healthy. 20 aspiring chef from USSS traveled to the quiet Tagore industrial area and spent a lovely evening with renowned Chef Devagi Sanmugam, author of 19 cookbooks, food columnist and culinary consultant. They were ushered to a modern and functional cooking studio; where Chef Devagi dishes out healthy cooking tips for the excited participants.Lessons learnt Wash your hands thoroughly and remove your rings (germs
  • SUPERSTAR GEMINI CRUISE was the top voted choice for UTRACON Singapore Family Trip this year. A 3-days, 2- nights roundtrip onboard the 6,000 square feet vessel that sails from Singapore to the high seas and back to Singapore. Activities galore onboard the renowned cruise ship: – try your luck at the casino, practice your vocals at the karaoke lounge, unwind in the cozy ambience of 4 bars and lounges, indulge in buffet marathon from 6 dining options, and then burning your calories off at the vessels’ 2 swimming pools, gymnasium, jogging track. Not to forget the shopaholics – a range of
  • UTRACON’s 5th Technical Workshop was held at Grand Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson, Malaysia on 23rd to 25th October this year. The biyearly event, with the mission to gather all engineers under one roof, to share their experiences and knowledge, was generously organized by USSM this year. There was a total of 99 numbers of participants this year, with 18 topics by 31 speakers throughout the 3 days’ event. The opening speech was given by our Executive Director, Mr. S C Kuah. He highlighted that as the Group grew in size, it is important to ensure our quality of work is